Asociación de Diseñadores de la Comunitat Valenciana.

The ADCV is aware of the responsibility of design to create a positive impact. Our objective is to generate social and economic wealth. And we do so in an innovative manner, using design to address problems by putting people first, and likewise at the finishing line. Connecting visions and cultures. Creating bridges between technology and humanity. Stemming environmental degradation by being the motor of circular economy. Creating liveable, friendly and coherent environments. And offering strategic vision to turn problems into opportunities. As designers we have the difficult task of tackling social and productive challenges by offering solutions through new ideas, products and languages which foster innovation. Design enables us to address these changes and improvements in order to foster business growth and further the well-being of society by taking care of the planet.

Defending the interests of design professionals and striving to address their needs, promoting the exchange of experiences, connection and learning between creatives in order to maintain the design sector in the Valencian Region cohesive. Carrying out our work by building partnerships with other collectives as well as with the corporate, public and social sectors. Promoting design as a process of creation whose purpose is to address issues, increase the competitiveness of companies and the well-being of people, and disseminating its multiple uses which foster innovation and the successful achievement of objectives. Noteworthy projects:

  • Innovation through design – Investigating the impact of design on the economy.
  • D-Tool – Self-assessment tool used to evaluate the design level of a company.
  • Social Design – Workshops and Webinars about design approach in social innovation.
  • Valencia Design Week – On 2021 we will organize the 12nd edition of #VDW to disseminate and promote Valencian design and to bring it closer to society.
  • ADCV Awards – These Awards highlight and value design as the main protagonist of corporate, social and cultural innovation.
  • Miradors de l’Horta – Traditional culture and design festival around Valencian orchard.