Escuela Superior de Enseñanzas Artísticas.

At ESEA, Art School based in Osuna, Seville, we have been teaching higher studies of Graphic Design and Fashion Design for two years and since then, we are strongly committed to establish sustainable projects that tackle current issues that affect our society, not only in our programme but our daily approach.

The Art School ESEA will collaborate in the development of projects where design is the backbone whose end-goal is a more sustainable future, having people´s well-being is at the center.

ESEA has recently brought together numerous associations, (AEI Acentur, different organ transplant associations and the department that coordinates the organ transplants in the Andalusian region) along with the work of BuenaVista Studio to curate the exhibition “To be Continued…” (Posters to save lives) in the municipality of Osuna (Seville). The proposal, which will have 35 posters from designers from all over Spain, aims to raise awareness on how crucial donating organs and tissue is. In order to do so, there are a series of potential locations to develop this project such as University of Osuna and the main avenue that leads to 30 de Marzo square (National transplant day). In the months prior the exhibition, there will be an introductory ceremony bringing together designers, transplantees, and healthcare workers hosted by Dr. José Perez Bernal (Former coordinator of the transplant unit at Hospital Virgen del Rocio) with the aim of presenting the topic of the exhibition and triggering a co-design project that will be executed by our students and will be added to the main exhibition.