Opening of the event: New European Bauhaus. A vision from Spain. June 9 at 15:45 with the performance of the group "Neopercusión".

Bruselas (Bélgica).

09.06.2022 (15:45) - 12.06.2022

Thursday 9 – Sunday 12 June (10:00-18:30)

Unit 01. / Mod 08. Gare Maritime, 7
Rue Picardstraat, 1000
Brussels – Belgium.

To give visibility to the actions that are being carried out in Spain aligned with the New Bauhaus and to continue advancing in its momentum, the General Directorate of Urban Agenda and Architecture has proposed a side event that is part of the official program of the New Bauhaus Festival in which some of these most inspiring projects are shown.

Based on the spirit of the Bauhaus, an innovative and interdisciplinary space is proposed to promote architecture in all its dimension, showing its capacity to improve the quality of life of our society. A vision from Spain, brings together a selection of projects that expose the diversity of practices that exist in the Spanish territory in relation to the New European Bauhaus, an eclectic sample that is a true relfection of the different ways of approaching this perspective according to the scale and scope of influences.

The opening of the event will take place on 9 June  at 15:45h with the performance of the music band “Neopercusión”.

After opening day the exhibition will remain open from 10:00-18:30 until 12 June.

On June 10 we will be able to enjoy again a performance of the music band «Neopercusión» at 17:00h.

An exhibition by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda.
General Directorate of Urban Agenda and Architecture.
Curator: Javier Peña Ibáñez
Design and coordination: Javier Peña Ibáñez and Carlota Álvarez Guzmán
Graphic Design: Dous Studio
Production and assembly: VISU