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Call for proposals (LIFE) – Circular Economy and Quality of Life – Standard Action Projects (SAP).

This is a call for proposals for EU action grants in the field of Circular Economy and Quality of Life under the Programme for Environment and Climate Action (LIFE). The LIFE Programme is the EU’s funding environment and climate action. On 21 May 2022 it turned thirty.

The aim of the call is to facilitate the transition toward a sustainable, circular, toxic-free, energy-efficient/climate-resilient economy and toward a toxic-free environment as well as to protect, restore and improve the quality of the environment. The specific objective is to cover 7 topics, one of them being New European Bauhaus.

In particular, the following project proposals that contribute to the implementation of the New European Bauhaus initiative will be given priority for LIFE support:

  • Proposals focussed on a holistic reduction (considering aspects such as life cycle approach and green procurement) of environmental impacts of new buildings.
  • Proposals on circular districts involving creation of circular value chains to boost urban economies whilst producing urban and territorial regeneration.
  • Proposals for maintaining or restoring biodiversity that contribute to the implementation of the New European Bauhaus initiative. This may include, for example, demonstrating biodiversity friendly practise for the energetic isolation of buildings, innovative architectural approaches for wildlife-friendly buildings, etc.

Deadline for application is 4 October 2022 17:00 Brussels time.

Find more information about the call, project application form and contacts for further inquiries on Funding and tender opportunities portal.