Consorcio de la Ciudad de Toledo.

Santiago de Compostela, Toledo and Cuenca Committees have 30, 20 and 15 years experience respectively working at the service of the citizenship. They look out for or World Heritage cities, in conjuntion with the State and local institutions.

Strenghten and promote patrimonial, cultural and touristic Development of the three main monumental groups of Spain, which are Santiago de Compostela, Toledo and Cuenca.

Proposed activities: committee’s main activites are: Interventions in the Monumental Heritage, declared as monuments of cultural and Patrionial interest: palaces, convents, etc Announcement of buildings, houses and comercial stablishments rehabilitation grants. Urban landscape adaptation, through not only facades and roofs restoration but also squares, streets and huts. Arqueological heritage interventions: enhancement of arqueological sites and other reasearch. Divulgation.