Prior public consultation of the Casa de la Arquitectura and the Council on Architectural Quality.

The Mitma (Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda) has opened a public consultation on the Casa de la Arquitectura and the Council on the Quality of Architecture.

These two consultations are initiated with the aim of serving as the beginning of the regulatory development of the Law on the Quality of Architecture. Any citizen, organization or association wishing to do so may submit their contributions until January 31.

Mitma is opening this consultation through the General Directorate of Urban Agenda and Architecture in order to comply with the purposes of Law 9/2022, of June 14, on the Quality of Architecture. This law, passed by the Spanish Parliament in June 2022, aims to protect, promote and disseminate the quality of architecture as a good of general interest, thus including the protection of architectural heritage and bringing the values of architecture closer to society.

La Casa de la Arquitectura seeks to bring the values of architecture closer to society as a tool of cultural diplomacy. The institution aims to become a national and international reference for the dissemination of architecture.

The functions to be assumed by this institution will vary between the dissemination of Spanish architectural heritage, its protection through the creation of catalogs of architectural works of interest or support for young professionals in the field of research and innovation.

The Architecture Quality Council will be constituted as a platform for the exchange of knowledge and participation, as well as for consultation and advice on matters related to the contents of the Law.

The functions of this institution will vary between, on the one hand, protection, promotion and dissemination of architecture, and on the other hand, functions in matters of public procurement, including the adoption of rules or measures of a general nature for the improvement of the quality of architecture, as well as advice and improvement in the existing ones.

Both public consultations will be open until January 31, through the Public Participation page of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda. The links are as follows.