Drift Chair.

Creator: Tornasol Studio.

Location: Madrid (España).

Tornasol Studio, formed by designer Inés Llasera and architect Guillermo Trapiello, is a product design office based in Madrid.

They integrate playful and sensorial elements in their projects without leaving functionality aside, presenting a diverse practice focused on materiality, visual metaphor and experimentation. They aspire to make projects in which emotional relationships are established through perception and the senses. They work with visual metaphor, everyday situations that amaze them in some way, surrounding themselves with popular references that interest them for their materiality, evocative power or simply for their symbolic value, creating projects based on concepts or very specific gestures, details and experiences that they compile from their own experience and experiences that they gather from their environment and translate them into everyday objects.

Currently, they design and self-publish locally while collaborating with international galleries for the communication and distribution of their pieces. Their practice is divided between teaching, design in their Madrid office and prototyping in their workshop in Trujillo.


Drift chair:

Materials and techniques: Inflatable nautical fenders and lacquered steel structure. Measurements: 882 x 702 x 790 mm
Colours: Ultramarine Blue
The Deriva armchair is the result of the exploration of new forms of representation of the nautical identity and summer, built from different elements and materials characteristic of the sea. Inflatable buoys serve as the arms and back of this piece, assembled through an agile and mechanical construction system, the buoys are inserted
in the metal tube structure.