Flexible Plaza.

Name of the prototype: Flexible Plaza.

Design Studio: LEKU SUDIO.


Designers: Jokin Santiago, Marta Sola.

Urban Furniture Company: DURBANIS.


FLEXIBLE PLAZA by Durbanis, is an innovative, flexible, modular and durable urban element that enables the agile and reversible extension of the sidewalk. A modular, adaptable and extensible system to transform streets by creating small social squares in spaces previously occupied by cars. Its structure guarantees an easy and fast assembly without civil works or service infrastructure requirements. Flexible Plaza guarantees universal accessibility by creating environmentally comfortable spaces around strategic spaces such as terraces, school facilities, health centers, local businesses…

The FLEXIBLE PLAZA model is based on the construction of a series of independent modular elements that guarantee an agile and reversible assembly of the platform, as well as its aggregability and the extensible capacity of the system through the addition of modules in longitudinal and also transversal directions. The platform has been designed with the aim of creating a flexible and versatile system capable of adapting to various layouts both in alignment in parking lanes and in larger surfaces that allow the colonization of larger spaces such as chamfers or intersections. The elements that make up the family are characterized by the softness of their shapes, with rounded edges and warm textures that seek to offer higher levels of comfort through a human and friendly design.

The design of the elements is carried out under the premise of the economy of materials and their quality and great durability. The sustainability of the system is based on its durability and flexibility through a set of pieces designed with highly resistant materials, adaptability and modularity, favoring the reuse and second life of the elements in different contexts, adapting to new conditions and needs of use.