Creator: Atelier Entropic NEST Fabrication.

Location: Barcelona (Spain).

Our ecosystems and biodiversity have been suffering for decades from the development caused by human activity. We are witnessing the challenging outcomes of climate change and wildlife loss on a scale not before seen in human history. We need to act quickly to restore our biodiversity. The greening of our cities is a promising trend, however, it is not without its limits. Existing urban spaces have limited potential for the application of natural systems, due to the lack of surface area. What if we could extend the capacities of nature in cities, in a way that is mutually beneficial to our environment and people, using an abundance of unused vertical space?

NEST is a sustainable façade panel technology that creates living spaces for the fauna and flora within the urban environment, while improving the acoustic and thermal performance of the building, creating a healthier micro-climate and greater ecological density. We propose an ecological façade system that would be made through sustainable ceramic/clay additive manufacturing techniques. The façade panels are tailored to create a specific environment that will allow for the passive or low maintenance growth of certain plants, or places to nest for desirable species of insects, birds and bats.

The facade panels offer a flexible and modular solution that can be used in various, interchangeable combinations and can either upgrade existing buildings or can be incorporated into new builds themselves.